Hi, I’m Aqeel Syed, Entrepreneur, SEM Expert, Developer and Blogger from Pakistan. My home town is Mankera, a small town in Greater Thal desert. Currently, I’m based in Lahore. I moved to this part of the country to start my product development venture for Envato. I’m an elite author at Envato and doing business with marketplace username CrunchPress.

I had worked full time online as a blogger, SEM and WP developer for last 8 years. My quest for prosperity begin online as a blogger in early 2007, since then I had worked as a freelancer, CAO and Director in 2 US corporations (working remotely) and product development with Envato.

In early 2007, I was dependent on my parents and our total monthly household income was around $400. We are large family of 8 people, so life was difficult, managing finances was a big issue. I was looking for a job to help my parents but jobs are very rare in rural Pakistan. I started looking for work online and it all begin with a dialup connection of 56 kbps, 900 PKR investment (equals $18 in 2007) and a desktop computer at my family home.

Blogging, freelancing, full time employment, then employment + blogging and finally product development. Today I own an online publishing company (for blogging), a product development business based around WordPress and looking to get started in mobile development.

This is my personal blog focused on my interests from Online Reputation Management to WordPress, Web Design to SEO and insights from my personal and professional life. My aim is to learn how to make a living online and transfer that knowledge to others through this blog.

I hope that readers of this blog will gain some true value from this blog and they will not make the same mistake that I made working as a blogger, freelancer, employee or CEO of a product development company.

Happy reading 🙂

Aqeel Syed