If you have a mobile phone where you can download apps, then you may have noticed that some of the apps have ads on them. Mobile application developers use them to make money. Google had been testing AdSense on mobile apps for the iPhone and Android in a kind of private beta with roughly 10 partners, including Pandora, Shazam and Urbanspoon. Now the program is opening up to apps developers and publishers who meet some criteria (among them, a 3 month commitment, 100K+ page views).

On the advertising side, the process by which advertisers select their audiences and bid for placement is largely similar to the Web-based version of AdSense. “Placement targeting” (choosing which app to advertise on), keyword and broad geo targeting are carried over, although placement targeting is still in the experimental phase.
You can apply for Adsense for Mobile Applications by clicking here.

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  1. tell us more about adsense

  2. Kamran Aziz says:

    I have get through this website through google.I have find it very informative.Thank you very much for sharing..

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