Getting High PR Backlinks


Links are very important factor in ranking of a website in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). All major search engines consider back links as a major factor in deciding quality of a webpage. Google’s PR algorithm is based on backlinks.

SEO and link building is not what it used to be few years back. Google these days pays more importance on quality of backlinks than quantity. A relevant contextual backlink is far more valuable than a handful of unrelated low quality backlinks.

In this article we are discussing 3 ways to get high quality baklinks for free.

1. Free Backlink from is PR 9 and the page itself where you are getting link is PR 7.  Work around to get this juicy, high quality link is to create an Iphone App. And to do it, you just need to create a Web App made for the iPhone and then submit it to their directory. You can even create something basic and simple (but I would suggest useful).

This simple search on Google, give lots of ideas on creating an Iphone App.

2. Grab You Free Backlink for Google Profiles

You can use Google Profiles to grab a free link from You just need to fill the information that they ask about yourself, include the URL of your website, add some pictures and description, one more backlink. As long as you add enough information, your profile will be displayed in Google’s search results, and it should count as a normal backlink because Google does not use the nofollow attribute on the website links.

You can also use this service to improve your SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management), as this profile is going to rank with your name in search results. You can see my profile here.

3. Backlink from a PR 10 website,! is one of the few elite those have PR 10 so you can imagine how much authority that domain have. If you use Adobe products and have done some development you can get a PR from subdomain, which has a PR 9 by joining its communities and adding your backlink in your profile.

Their are many other easier ways to get backlinks from high PR domains, do you have used any? Please share your experiences.


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