Beware of Scam Data Entry Jobs | Scam Job Sites


Data entry jobs from home are hard to start up and it needs a lot of effort, self-motivation and knowledge. Its not easy to find a data entry job specially a data entry job that can earn you 4 figure salary.

Most people searching online for data entry jobs are scammed. Data entry scams can be easily identified when a company demands money to be sent for a training kit etc. Employers pay money to the employee and not vice versa. Therefore warning bells should be heard while coming across such offers. Another warning is regarding advertisements blaring of get-rich-quick schemes.

It is advisable to join popular and respected online forums, which are free of cost.

Mostly scam data entry sites without giving any details on the kind of data they just say “typing data into a couple of fields” and demand a registration fee. Instead of the job, they send an eBook asking to write ads. This is called affiliate marketing. These scams have three ways of misleading; first, data entry scams do not pay to enter names or addresses into database. Secondly a registration fee is charged to gain access to list of merchants, which can be obtained free elsewhere. And thirdly they hide the fact that more money will be extracted later.

So stay away from these scam sites, always use established trustworthy sites like GetAFreelancer or Elance.


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