Payoneer Pakistan Ban is Lifted – Payoneer Cards Will Work in Pakistan


This news is not new for most of our readers but I’m sharing it just because someone might still be looking for this information.

Yes, Payoneer’s Pakistan ban is over, thanks to Payoneer management who have made the decision to stop their partnership with Meta Bank (Previous issuer of Payoneer Master Cards). Payoneer has now partnered with Choice Bank Limited in Belize. Card limits are increased and they are now double too (good news for power freelancers).

Payoneer is shipping new Choice cards to its card holders. New Choice cards will work in Pakistan normally. So everyone should stop worrying and start enjoying their work life.

Card Verification Update

Payoneer requires verification of your identity for new cards. You have to submit a photo ID for verification.ย  For this you can submit a scan of your driver’s license, passporte, service card (if you are a job holder) and even domicile (domicile have your photo on it and is issued by government, so its accepted too).

Payoneer accepts national ID card (in Urdu). One of my friends submitted his national ID card and his account got verified. However, I recommend you to submit English language documents for faster approval.


  • Yup!

    This is absolutely Great News!!

    I didn’t take my balance out of my Payoneer card because I knew there would be some solution at the end.

    You didn’t mention that now we have to provide a Government issued photo ID to Payoneer.

    But I didn’t know they are partnered now with Choice Bank Limited in Belize which is a country in Central America.


  • Khurram Sikandar says:

    Yes they have partnered with Choice Bank which is also showing at the bottom on their site.

    One question is very important our ID Cards in Urdu so will they accept it?

  • Usman says:

    Great News. I was worried but after reading this article I’m happy now. Thanks for publishing the great news.

  • @Khurram

    There are 3 options in the list:

    Driver’s license
    ID Card

    I think you should use your driving license as it is in English.

    I used my driver’s license, and it got accepted. But you could try our own NADRA’s ID card, but I doubt that they will accept it, as it is in urdu.

    And sorry I forgot, is our passport in English or urdu?

  • Aqeel Syed says:


    Passports are in English ๐Ÿ™‚
    About National ID card, one of my friends submitted his national ID card last month to Payoneer and to my surprise they accepted it. So Nation ID card in Urdu also works.

  • Thanks Aqeel for providing that info.

    I think I have been in front of the PC more than I should, as I have forgotten about our very own passport!

    Nabeel Amin

  • salman says:

    Dear Syed Aqeel;

    Please email me your contact info at salmanmc [at]
    I want to speak to you.


  • Khurram Sikandar says:

    Yes Pakistani NIC Card in URDU is acceptable at

    Mine has been approved two days back and now waiting my new choice payoneer debit master card which will arrive by July 10.

    Good Luck to all of you.

  • King Kong says:

    AOA Aqeel, nice website for pakistanis yar. Good work. And i was just looking for exact info about payoneer. You are good.

    My question is, when can we start using new cards? Any date?

  • @King Kong

    What do you mean by when can we start using them? You can and should start using it as soon as you receive it.


  • Kamran Aziz says:

    What is this payoneer cards??? Is this any online money making opportunity???

  • ALi says:

    My application was approved on 3rd june after submitting the scanned ID copy.

    But it’s 1st july and the card is not arrived yet.

    Anybody received the new card?

  • @Kamran Aziz

    Payoneer is a Debit Card (Mastercard). You can load money in it by working on the internet.

    For Example: You could freelance on sites like and get paid and load that money to your Payoneer card.


  • @Ali

    Yeah I have not received it too and am still waiting for it.

    My application was approved on Jun 7 and the email said:

    Please note that it can take up to 10 business days to receive the ScriptLance Prepaid debit MasterCard card within the U.S. and up to 25 business days for delivery outside of the U.S.

    So now it has been 25-26 days.

    Aqeel, do you have any advice? should we contact them? Have you received your card?


  • Also Aqeel, why isn’t there any option for ‘notify me of future comments’ on your blog? As I think it will help us to stay updated on the comments.


  • ALi says:

    Good News guys, I got my new card today on 6:00 PM 5th july.

    Hope, you will also get it soon.

  • Sharif awan says:

    I have received the new card.

    But still things are not clear.

    1-What about private loads?

    2-Can we use our USA virtual bank accounts offered by payoneer previously?

  • I have still not received the card yet. Waiting for it.


  • Ali says:

    I just used my new card to withdraw money from MCB ATM but it did not work.
    The balance was appearing but it did not come out. I tried it 3 times and an employee whether the ATM is working properly or not. He said it was alright.
    I am going to try it on a different bank’s ATM. Hope it will work there.
    Any body having update, Please share. Here is a link to a discussion on Odesk regarding this problem, also when i googled it.

  • Ali says:

    My card has worked on a CITY Bank ATM. Please join me on facebook and/or orkut at ‘Payoneer Pakistan’ and/or ‘Moneybookers Pakistan’ to get the updates more instantly.

  • Paki says:

    My payoneer card was approved on 14 June but now its been 27 july & still not received the card yet, can anyone advice me, thanks.

  • Khan says:

    I applied for new card. and i sent them the copy of My driving license . But i got email from them and they said “Thank you for the ID copy that you have provided. We would like to take care of your application request as quickly as possible.
    However, before we can approve your application, our Card Approval Department is requesting that you provide a copy of an additional ID other than the one you sent us.
    Acceptable forms of ID include driver’s license, passport, national ID, military ID.”

    so please tell what to do now . my NIC is in urdu, i dont have passport and i am not a mukitary person , so please tell me what to do , help me

  • Paki says:

    To Khan: you can upload your domicile to their website which is in english, thanks

  • Khan says:

    To Paki , Thanks for replying my messages . but question is that are they accept domicile coz they asked driverโ€™s license, passport, national ID, military ID.

  • Ali says:

    Well, Don’t take me wrong, but don’t always think logical.

    I have seen a suggestion in a comment up there that ‘YOU SHOULD PROVIDE ONLY A DOCUMENT, WHICH SHOULD ONLY BE IN ENGLISH’.

    I provided them with my NATIONAL ID copy and only the front which is off-course is in urdu, and they approved my application before 24 hours.

    You can see all my comments on what happened before and after that.

    I suggest that you should provide them with the national ID scanned copy (they asked for front and back both, i provide only the front and they approved). Hope that will also work for you.

  • I am very happy because of this.
    This will help you to earn more
    Keep working
    Never stop IM

  • Dears,
    I have applied for Payoneer, and got approved with CNIC in Urdu.

  • Ahsan Iqbal says:

    Good website. However, I applied for Payoneer card on 25th July 2010 and now it is 25th August 2010 but haven’t received it yet. Can someone share their experience that how long it took for them to receive the card?

  • Usi says:

    does payoneer work with paypal?

  • Gravity says:

    @Ahsan the card will most probably take an estimated 2 months to arrive.

    I have a question, i requested for my odesk debit card and forgot to upload the verification documents but after 4 days, i got an email that my card has been accepted, do i still have to submit verification for the activation of the card?

  • S60V5 GAMES says:

    I live in karachi so i want to ask that if i got payoneer card so from where we can withdraw them?

  • Digital.Works says:


    Well i need to know few things about Payoneer Debit Card. I am from Lahore and i have a Allied Bank Visa Debit card.

    Q1: How do i upload funds to my card is it possible that i can use Allied Debit card.

    Q2: Can I Upload funds Using Western Union or some Other Exchange like Wall Street

    As Credit Card is hard to get these days so i am looking for some other payment options

    You Help will be Highly Welcome

  • Riaz Hassan says:

    How can I earn online. Kindly guide me about on line earning.

  • Gull Fraz says:

    helpful article

  • Waseem says:

    How to apply for payooner card???How to Signup??
    Help me out..

  • Kashif says:

    I want sign up but main page “Become a Partner”

    what the difference, I need Payoeer “MasterCard”

    Please help me Its ungent. +92-313-9626747

  • Bilawal Ali says:

    Hello ,

    My name is bilawal I am thinking to start off a e-commerce website, How can I setup a merchant account and how exactly does his payoneer thing can help my customers to buy online and more likely how would I be receiving those payments?

    Thanks in advance.

  • hammad says:

    mail from payoneer,
    payoneer card does not approve for pakistan (7 june 2012 news)

  • hammad says:

    mail from payoneer,
    payoneer card does not approve for pakistan (7 june 2012 news).
    plz tell me any method for withdraw by paypal or payoneer.thanks

  • chiragh hussain says:

    sir ma apna payoneer card ka password aur scurity question bohool gia hn is ki wajjh se mera acount activate nhi hua ha plz help me . contac me

  • Imran says:

    good info bro….thanks

  • Muhad Bruhelia says:

    Is it safe to use Auction Essistance to help us verify our PayPal account?

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