3 Best Web Hosting Services from My Personal Experience


Often I’m asked one question by new bloggers and freelancers that what web hosting service should we use? I try to reply individuals through emails and now to make it simple, I had decided to write a post about my experience with web hosting services that I used in last 5 years.

After working with nearly a dozen web hosts (for my personal projects and clients) I had come up with 3 best web hosts. First 2 are shared web hosting services and 3rd one is a dedicated hosting service provider.

1. DreamHost


My number#1 recommendation is DreamHost.com I’m hosting with DreamHost for last 5 years and have 4 accounts with them. One account have more then 300 small websites for clients hosted on it and this account is kicking, no problems. DreamHost has the most easy to use hosting panel, one click installs of dozens of open source CMS systems like Joomla, Drupal & WordPress. It even automatically updates your WordPress to latest release, you don’t even need to worry about managing your site. Unlimited sites, unlimited hosting and bonus 50 GB space for your backup storage.

If you get into problems with your hosting server, ask DreamHost support, explain the problem, request them to put you on a less crowded server and they will transfer your account. DreamHost has a very forgiving resource usage policy, if you optimize your sites well with cache plugins, you cannot get into any trouble.

They also offer upgrades to their VPS system if your site grows big and you need more powerful hosting. If you want to host with DreamHost use promo code AQEELSYED at the time of signup to receive a discount of $50. Or use this link, you will be automatically entitled the discount. They offer a 2 week trial period, during this period you can check their service, if you like you can continue, if you don’t like it you can cancel the service and you will have no fee to pay.

2. Site5.com


My 2nd recommendation is site5.com. I’m hosting with them for last 2 years. I have 2 accounts with them. The best thing about site5 hosting is speed of their shared webservers. Their servers are well optimized, they have a strict resource usage policy as compared to DreamHost but even then they are forgiving then 99% of the share web hosting companies out there.

Site5 plans start from $4.95, great if you are going to start with single domain. I recommend hosting your important sites with them so that you can have good performance at these sites.

3. SingleHop


When my sites grew bigger, all my shared hosting service providers said that they can’t host them any-more. After experiencing with several VPS hosts, cloud hosts and dedicated hosts I finally settled with SingleHop. After hosting with SinlgeHop for last 2 years I can say that these guys are the best in dedicated and cloud  hosting. They have the lowest possible dedicated hosting fees and best possible support. I now have 2 dedicated servers with them and a very satisfied customer. They manage, maintain, update and even provide quick response service 24/7 if any of my servers go down. They inform and also take necessary action to bring and back online and it is because of SingleHop support that I sleep well at night 🙂 Highly recommended dedicated hosting provider.


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