SINGLEHOP You Should Revise Your Sales Policy


I’m so disappointed with one of the best dedicated hosts, SINGLEHOP. Yes they are the best but they have a lame sales policy. I ordered a dedicated server yesterday and today SINGLEHOP sales team informed me that they cannot process my order due to high fraud risk. High fraud risk? Yes, high fraud risk because I live in a 3rd world country, Pakistan. I offered them identification documents like international passport, drivers license but sales representative only provided a rude response. “No, we cannot process this order.”

In last 4 years, working as a web entrepreneur, I partnered with several web hosts, from shared web hosts to dedicated hosts, and some cloud hosting platforms but no other host had such fraud prevention policy. Some of these hosts had confirmed my identification by requesting passport copy, drivers license but no one had given such response, “best of luck finding your new host”.

SINGLEHOP you should revise your sales policy, not everyone in Pakistan or 3rd world countries is a fraud, people are doing legit business. They have partnerships all over the world. It hurts when you see everyone of us as fraud!

From GoDaddy to ThePlanet, Mosso, DreamHost, Site5, XLHost… (its a long list) everyone is doing business with us, they are huge, large seasoned companies but they are not rejecting orders from Pakistan or 3rd world countries saying we cannot process due to high fraud risk. You should revise this biased sales policy.


From writing this post to editing this post its only difference of 70 minutes. SINGLEHOP account executive contacted me by phone and email. Apart from initial confusion, they had great support, I’m so impressed. They requested ID documents which I provided and my order is processed with some custom changes from me.
Thumbs UP SINGLEHOP, no doubt you people are the best dedicated web host with best dedicated support.
My Yorkfield 2.8 x 4 GHz server with 8 GB RAM is about to deliver. I’m very excited and will post a review of SINGLEHOP services in next days.


  • hi
    its bad to face such situations dear I have faced these things too like when offering a tutorial website I can write tutorial and they said no you can’t because we support only paypal and paypal doesn’t work in pakistan and many other times when clients or people don’t react good when i contac’t then as a web developer to offer my services :(.

    But tell me what you are up to why you need dedicated server 😛 someone thinking big right?

  • Aqeel Syed says:

    Hello Najam 🙂

    Pakistan is the 20th destination for outsourcing and we don’t have PayPal or any reasonable payment processor. However there are PayPal alternatives like 2CO and Payoneer, I will do a post about these soon. Best of luck with your freelance work.

    About getting a server, yes I’m expending my online presence and one of my site has grown so much that I’d to move it to a more powerful dedicated server. Growth is always good 🙂

    Thanks for commenting.

  • I am looking forware to your post for payoneer and 2co. Do you ever worked with payoneer is it trusty and works good?

  • starman1695 says:

    With an attitude like that, they probably saved you a lot of trouble since they most likely will not be in business very long.

  • Aqeel Syed says:

    Hello Starman1695,

    Apart from initial trouble of a few hours, SINGLEHOP is extremely good host. They have very fast support response time, averaging 15 minutes, have excellent service. So far I’ve 100% up time with them and I’m extremely satisfied.

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