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Long Way - New Journey By Aqeel Syed

Long Way - New Journey By Aqeel Syed

I started blogging 2 years back. Last 2 years it is a journey of adventure deep into the wilderness of HTML, web design, CSS, SEO, JavaScript, PHP, the rugged beginnings of WordPress Theme Design, the stumbling steps of social networking and social media, tags, categories, comment spam.

I remember my first blog post, it was about web hosting in Pakistan. But the real happiness for me was to see my first visitors, getting some recognition (links) and praise.

Now when I’m starting my personal blog, writing my first post for this blog, I’m very excited. I want to share what I have learned in these two years, most exciting and fascinating aspects of web.

Aqeel Syed


  • Endi coulic says:

    Hi Mr. Syedaqeel? I see Your personal Blog and reading also.
    Something remaining but over all You better.

  • UMAIR says:


    i also want to do this Job ,

    bUT can we make our blog or site so popular that people frequently visit it and obviously click the ads too, much one can earn through a blog or a site by 1 month .. ?any idea ?

    Do reply me
    waiting fa ur reply 🙂

  • ali zeeshan says:

    i want to join u to earn pure money.
    while i don’t have an idea how i can use all this programe.

  • Bob32 says:

    After "We Sing" came out last year, I loved the songs so much that I got the rest of your albums too. ,

  • nice and today is also my first day on ma blog but i am thinking about my first post that what i share in ma blog in first post 🙂

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