5 Sites Where You Can Sell Your Writing


Content is influential online, and since a writer creates content, he is very powerful in online world. SEO experts all agree that unique website content is the number 1 way to get to the top of the search engines.  Quality website content gets linked to by other websites. Copy on a page is number 1 factor in sales or visitor conversion. We discussed earlier about freelance writing for newbie freelancers. Pointing out how a new freelancer can start his writing career online and profit from it.

The freelance sites we discussed in earlier post are great sites and they work. But their is a trouble with these sites, you have no way to assure yourself of an income on your terms and schedule. You may or may not win the bid, and there are people out there willing to write for next to nothing on those sites, ready to underbid you. If you don’t want to waste your time bidding, if you have articles already written and you want to sell them, then these are the 5 sites for you.

Associated Content allows users to both submit articles for them to make an offer on and puts out calls for specific articles for writers to claim. From their site:

AC’s platform enables anyone to participate in the new content economy by publishing content on any topic, in any format (text, video, audio and images), and connects that content to consumers, partners and advertisers.

Downsides: The pay is very low. Upsides: You get traffic payoffs from them, so if your articles do well you will get ongoing payments. This site is perfect for the beginning writer who just needs to get some credits under their belt.

It seems that Associated Content doesn’t pay out to non-U.S. residents. You just get traffic residuals.

Who is eligible to be paid?

You must be at least 18 years old to be paid by Associated Content. If you are also citizen or legal resident of the United States, you are eligible for both Upfront and Performance Payments. If you are not a citizen of legal resident of the United States, you are only eligible for Performance Payments due to U.S. tax regulations.

Constant Content allows people to purchase and sell online content among themselves. Writers can sell different rights to their work to content publishers hungry for fresh content. From their site:

Constant-Content is a consignment shop for articles and pictures. Publishers can peruse the archive of articles, find the articles that they are looking for or use our system to reach out to authors and publish a request for new articles on your topic. Keeping content fresh on any site can be a lot of work, especially if you’re aiming to post new content very regularly. Constant-Content has a massive archive of articles and a community of writers who are keen to fulfill your content needs.

Constant-Content is unique in that we do not allow search engines to index our articles. As a consequence, when you purchase a unique or full rights license for one of our articles you can be certain that you will be the first on the Internet to post this article and you will receive the benefits of having unique, interesting and link-worthy content.

Upsides: You can get paid much more, sell work you already have sitting around, and get your work published all over the web. Downsides: Your work might not sell at all.

Demand Studios is a subsidiary of Demand Media, and is a bit of a cross between Associated Content and Bright Hub. You apply for a position and once you get your contract you are able to claim or suggest articles from their internal menu. Each kind of article has a set price, and you claim and write what you want. There is a limit to how many you can claim at a time, but that limit increases as you write for them regularly. From their site:

Demand Studios enables talented freelancers to create valuable content, reach an audience of millions and earn money. Qualified content specialists can take part in the process, from making high-quality titles to editing finished content. We currently employ writers, filmmakers, copy editors, transcribers and title proofers, and we offer unique promotional opportunities for experts in all disciplines.

Downsides: Sometimes articles take a long time to get approved, meaning you can’t accept more assignments; this can really mess up your working timetable. Upsides: Demand is another low paying but dependable writing gig. You know you can make money there whenever you need to, and you can, once you can claim enough articles at a time, make a living from them.

Bright Hub focuses on tech and science articles and has a set payment per article. You apply for a contract with them and then join a team of writers working within a specific channel. From their site:

With an expert writer network and an active community of life-long enthusiasts Bright Hub provides a level of technology transparency rarely seen in high tech. The team of writers and managing editors utilize deep domain expertise to focus on creating valuable information for both novice and advanced consumers. With a content inventory of thousands of science and technology articles, software and hardware reviews, buyer’s guides, blog entries and forum discussions, Bright Hub is able to provide readers with a dependable resource to make informative technology decisions.

Downsides: You have quotas to meet and the editors can be demanding. Upsides: Bright Hub is solid, dependable work, you can work in multiple channels (though you end up having multiple editors, each with their own expectations and personality), and you are able to set your timetable by their schedule. While it is not going to make you rich, writers can make a full-time living from Bright Hub if they are motivated.

Daily Article allows you to sell your articles from their site. After joining DailyArticle.com you submit your pre written article, excerpts from these articles are post at DailyArticle.com for publich viewing. From their site:

Unlike article selling websites that overcharge for articles, spin articles, and offer various “ownership” options, DailyArticle.com provides buyers with an affordable way to own their articles 100%. No need to track your rights to the articles and no worries about duplicate content penalties. DailyArticle.com – the new way to buy articles.

Downside: Your articles may not sell at all.


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    This is a good list.

    I would like to inform you of another website that has been launched recently where you can auction the rights to your content to highest bidder. Once the content is sold the buyer will have complete rights to use the content as they please.

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    If the posted content does not sell within the auction period, then it is automatically moved to the “content ready for sale” area where anybody can buy the content for the minimum bid price that initially specified while submitting content.

    The posted content is displayed on the website and on that particulars author profiles as long as it gets sold.

    Once the content is sold, it is removed from the website and the buyer will be prompted to leave a feedback and a rating score for that author which will be displayed in their profile page.

    Interested buyers can also subscribe to receive new article alerts from their favorite authors by visiting their profile page.

    All payouts are via Paypal. To create a free account visit:
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