Where was I? What was I doing?


Readers of this blog probably would have been wondering where I am? Or now ‘where was I?’ (as you are reading this post). Its not a long story or even a story 😛

I was busy with tightening security of my web servers, hosting accounts, billing systems, office network. As these were the most important things to do for me after cracking of my email account and domain names being hijacked.

Then there was few new projects (new websites) that I was planning to create for last 3 months and wasn’t able to find enough time to get started on these.  So I worked on 2 new projects and on marketing at an existing one, our wonderful blog, The Wondrous. I also prepared a future business plan, this was to set a clear direction for my career.

I’m back after 4 weeks and have decided to become proactive at this blog. I was writing 5 +/- posts a month but have decided now to write more often (few times a week). That means this blog will be update more and you will be reading more money making ideas and tips.

Thank you all my readers for your support and visiting this blog. I’d received few questions from readers though comments, that I will be answering soon.

– Aqeel

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