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Well I’m still remembering Syria, land of culture and history. Here is my short review of Syria and specially Damascus.

It is where the first alphabet was conceived, where the first written musical note was discovered, and where wheat was first cultivated.

Syria’s rich and varied history has left lasting legacies, which are as diverse as they are remarkable. Syria will always surprise and delight. It is not necessary to travel all over the country to appreciate archaeology. There is enough in Damascus to keep you occupied for at least one holiday. After all, this is the world’s oldest inhabited city and is in itself a living museum.

From the moment you arrive in Syria, it is clear that this is a country very different from its neighbors and the rest of the Arab world. The Arabic hospitality is still present wherever you go, but the openness of the society also makes it quite unique.

The main appeal of Syria is its archaeological sites. Home to 39 civilizations over 16,000 years, Syria is a lost treasure awaiting rediscovery.

A short car journey outside Damascus is the ancient village of Maaloula, a mere 50 kilometers from the capital, which is one of only three places left in the world where the inhabitants still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ.

Jordan has Petra, Egypt has Luxor and Aleppo is the jewel in Syria’s crown. It is a city with a history dating back to the 3rd millennium BC and was once a renowned stop on the trading route linking east and west.

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  • Syed Aroojul Hassan says:

    Your blog is well presented. When will you write about Karbala or for that matter Baghdad?

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